Scholars, Fellows, & Visionaries

The Institute's Scholars, Fellows, and Visionaries are accomplished leaders and young trailblazers whose cutting-edge work promotes integrative approaches to health. Our Scholars, Fellows, and Visionaries Program gives them the freedom and resources to take their work in new, pioneering directions.





George "Bud" Brainard, PhD

Home Institution: Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Field: Neurology

Wants to Know: What is the impact of light and color on human health?

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Paul Dieppe, BSc, MD, BS(Lond), FRCP, FFPH

Home Institution: University of Exeter Medical School

Field: Rheumatology and Health Services Research

Wants to Know: What conditions enable a healing response?

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Frederick O. Foote, MD, CAPT, MC, USN (Ret.)

Home Institution: The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (Health Services Administration), Bethesda, MD

Field: Neurology

Wants to Know: How do we spread the model of holistic care established at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to other health care facilities?

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Richard Hammerschlag, PhD

Home Institution: Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Fields: Neurobiology, Acupuncture Research, Biofield Physiology

Wants to Know: Through what physiological mechanisms do biofield therapies—such as reiki, external qigong, and healing touch—produce a therapeutic effect?

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David Scott Jones, MD

Home institution: Institute for Functional Medicine

Field: Functional Medicine

Wants to know: How can health care providers more effectively assess, treat, and prevent chronic, complex diseases?

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George Kaplan, PhD

Home institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Field: Social Epidemiology

Wants to know: What programs and policies will make the greatest positive impact on the health of communities and reduce inequalities?

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David John Lary, PhD

Home Institution: University of Texas, Dallas

Field: Atmospheric Science

Wants to Know: How can we make massive data about air quality useful to people who have respiratory ailments and other affected conditions?

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Susan Prescott

Susan Prescott, MD, PhD

Home Institution: The University of Western Australia

Field: Planetary Health

Wants to Know: How do we imagine a brighter future? What kind of world do we want to live in?

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Judy Rollins, PhD, RN

Home Institution: Georgetown University School of Medicine

Field: Arts in Health and Pediatric Nursing

Wants to Know: What elements of artwork in health care settings are most effective in enhancing patients’ well-being?

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Kurt C. Stange, MD, PhD

Home Institution: Case Western Reserve University

Field: Family Medicine and Community Health

Wants to Know: How can the core values of family medicine and community health can be re-invented in a new era of information and technology?

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Sara Warber.png

Sara L. Warber, MD

Home Institution: University of Michigan School of Medicine

Field: Integrative Family Medicine & Women's Health

Wants to Know: What is the lived wisdom of women’s relationship with nature that could inform how we create health for all (human, animal, plant, etc.) within the context of environmental change?

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Claudia Witt, MD, MBA

Home Institution: University of Zurich

Fields: Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Wants to Know: How can clinical research generate better evidence to help people make more informed choices about their health?

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Steven H. Woolf, MD, MPH

Home Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University

Field: Social Epidemiology

Wants to Know: How do we increase awareness among policy makers and voters, of the powerful links between social policies and health?

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Andrew C. Ahn, MD, MPH

Home Institution: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

Field: Computational Medicine

Wants to Know: Can computational analyses of biomedical signals—such as heart rate and blood pressure—lead to personalized treatments and better understanding of human health?

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Kirstin Aschbacher, PhD

Home Institution: University of California, San Francisco

Field: Clinical Psychology/Psychoneuroimmunology

Wants to Know: What are the best strategies for reducing stress, and physiological stress-arousal, in order to improve health?

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Jeffrey M. Greeson, PhD, MS

Home Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Field: Psychology

Wants to Know: How can mindfulness as a self-care practice reduce the risk of disease and promote health?

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Heidi Gullett, MD, MPH

Home Institution: Case Western Reserve University

Field: Family Medicine & Community Health

Wants to Know: What is the role of primary care in cultivating social capital to support a patient's movement out of poverty?

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Carley Riley, MD, MPH, MPP

Home Institution: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Field: Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 

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Brita Roy

Brita Roy, MD, MPH, MHS

Home Institution: Yale School of Medicine

Field: Internal Medicine

Wants to Know: How can we develop measures to identify drivers and inequities of well-being to inform smart policies and healthcare for all?

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Visiting Visionaries

Rebecca Etz.png

Rebecca S. Etz, PhD

Home Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University

Field: Primary care practice transformation; Cultural anthropology; Health services research

Wants to Know: How can primary care innovate to serve as a force for integration? 

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Valentina Morani

Valentina A. Morani, Dipl.O.M., L.Ac.

Field: Internal Medicine

Wants to Know: How can we imagine a new paradigm for health and healing? What would a "next-generation"healing center look like?

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