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Integrative Health Leaders Create Plan for Shaping Health Care Reform

The Institute for Integrative Health collaborated with the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium and the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Health Policy in convening a meeting of stakeholders to develop strategies for influencing health care reform.

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Summit Defines Strategy for Certifying Health Coaches

With the rapid expansion of the health coaching profession came wide variability in the quality of services provided. Some coaches had formal health education while others had a coaching background but minimal health care knowledge.

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Online Forum Explores Paths to Better Evidence

As follow-up to the Symposium on the Evidentiary Framework for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, the Institute hosted a three-week virtual forum (April 2009) to continue the dialogue about using Comparative effectiveness research (CER) to generate more useful evidence for integrative medicine.

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Symposium Opens Dialogue on Effectiveness Research in Integrative Medicine

In November 2009, the Institute partnered with the Center for Medical Technology Policy to hold a symposium of 45 experts and stakeholders to examine opportunities and obstacles to using CER to study integrative medicine.

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Applying Complexity Science to CAM

The domain of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) encompasses a wide range of practices, often combined to create personalized courses of treatment. To gauge its true effectiveness, integrative care would best be studied in the flexible way it's actually practiced.

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