Thinking Before Drinking

by Tavon Johnson

This is post part of a series about Mission Thrive Summer, a program of the Institute for Integrative Health and Civic Works' Real Food Farm that empowers youth with skills and knowledge for a healthy life.


Sugar consumption in the U.S. is greater today than ever. While having too much sugar is generally understood as unhealthy, Americans still consume nearly three times the recommended amount of added sugar.

As Mission Thrive Summer participants learned last week, the biggest culprits are soft drinks, such as iced coffee, sodas, and sports drinks. These beverages have been found to be a top calorie source in teens’ diets

An activity called “Think Before You Drink" made a very clear point about the amount of sugar they contain. First, participants estimated how many grams of sugar are in a bottle of some popular beverages.
IMG_0738edit.jpgThen, they poured those amounts of granulated sugar into plastic bags.
IMG_0735edit.jpgStudents also learned that by sipping less sugar, they can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 

Here’s to thinking before drinking. Cheers!