Eat the Rainbow

Neighbors were dancing in the window, families were gathered on their front steps, music was heard blasting through the street, and the sounds of children laughing and playing lingered in the air.

It was a Saturday afternoon on Ward Street and local community center Paul’s Place hosted their annual Spring into Good Health Festival.

Alica Diehl, our Community Programs Coordinator, explains the Eat the Rainbow Challenge to a community member

The Institute for Integrative Health was present with our eat the rainbow challenge, a community brainstorming activity that encourages people to write down how they prepare and eat various colors of produce and helps them think of ways they can incorporate more colors into their diet. 

Community programs team, Brandin Bowden and Alica Diehl, were on site and explained how the colors in our produce optimize different functions of our overall health.

Participants walked away with a handout that explained the benefits of each color in addition to a list of new and delicious ideas for preparing and eating their fresh fruits and vegetables.