Scholar's Exhibit Explores Healing Experiences
"How are You Healing?" Debuts at UK Hospital

A new multimedia exhibit by Institute Scholar Paul Dieppe, MD, is a source of respite and inspiration for visitors and staff at Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset, England.

As part of his Institute-supported work, Dr. Dieppe explored the myriad ways that people experience healing. In the process, he collected numerous materials, primarily created by the public in response to the question: “What does healing mean to you?” The four-month exhibit, How Are You Healing?, assembles some of these drawings, photographs, sounds, nature elements, quotations, and other expressions along a well-trafficked corridor of the hospital.

Aimed at starting conversations about the nature of healing, the exhibit has been well-received. Staff members have been pausing to view it between appointments, and visitors have remarked that the exhibit is a place of reprieve where they come to rest and reflect between visits with hospitalized family members.

Someone who works at the hospital had this to say: "As a sufferer of bipolar (disorder) it is very difficult to keep my moods stable. Being a member of MPH staff, walking down the corridor regularly and seeing your ‘healing’ exhibition always helps and elevates my daily pain—best exhibition I have seen—so comforting.”

How Are You Healing? is up until mid-August, when it will travel to Wales for the 2017 Green Man Festival of music and arts. It will be featured as an experiential activity in Einstein’s Garden, an area of the festival whose offerings take their cue from science and nature.