Reiki and Qigong Demonstrations at the Holiday Market

On November 18, 2017, the Institute for Integrative Health hosted its first In Good Health Holiday Market & Wellness Expo. This event featured homemade gifts, natural food items, a gluten-free cooking demonstration, and wellness talks. Nearly 400 people attended this wonderful event to shop, learn, and support the Institute's programs. During this event, two of our speakers gave demonstrations. Amy Weglein gave a presentation on Reiki, while Mary Pinkard demonstrated Qigong for participants of the market and wellness expo.

About Amy Weglein, RN

Amy Weglein was a critical care nurse and a single mother to two sons when she found yoga to be her calling. Daily yoga practice and mediation helped her manage her stress level and become a better mother, daughter, sister, nurse, friend, person, and, eventually, wife. Certified as a yoga instructor in 1998, Ms. Weglein has turned her passion into a career when she opened Yoga Gallery & Wellness. At the In Good Health Holiday Market & Wellness Expo, Ms. Weglein gave a Reiki demonstration. To learn more about Reiki, listen to the audio below.

About Mary Pinkard, RLWQ

Mary Pinkard has expertise in multiple wellness domains. She has studied under Qigong expert Dr. Kevin Chen, achieved certification in Feng Shui and pursued training in yoga and tai chi. Ms. Pinkard teaches local Qigong and group fitness classes and has worked on wellness projects with GBMC, St. Joe’s Hospital, the Institute for Integrative Health, and Walter Reed Hospital. She has a degree in Music Education and a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education, and the integration of music and wellness education informs her practice and teaching.

This demonstration can be heard below.


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