The Power of Being Present: a Green Road update


Today, we had eight tireless volunteers hauling logs, which the Navy cut up for us. Sending out a big thanks to all!

If you stop and think about the tons of wood we need to move, the job seems kind of impossible. Yet everyone is as cheerful as can be, not an unkind or impatient word is spoken. The key is staying present in the moment and enjoying the nature that surrounds us.

In other news… Fred Foote has been busy trying to secure more philanthropic partners. He’s visited Casey Foundation, Yellow Ribbon Society, and other organization who seem interested. Getting them out on the site is essential. Once they’re there, it’s so immediately obvious what needs to be done.

Susan Frampton, President of Planetree, an old and trusted colleague of Fred’s, toured the site. She said they’re pretty financially strapped right now but then stopped short—one of the grand old trees by the stream is… a plane tree! A sign perhaps?