A Path Emerges: a Green Road update

The radiance of today’s volunteer team more than took the edge off the cold for the last our Green Road Saturdays in 2012.

Our 20 volunteers came care of the Yellow Ribbon Fund, led by Executive Director Mark Robbins. They included a dozen middle school students from Our Lady of Good Counsel School.

Filling the site with energy, the young ladies cleared fallen brush left by Hurricane Sandy, and created 100 yards of pathway with wood chips. The emergence of the path further defines the site and shows where will it connect to a bridge that leads over the stream.

In spite of the cold, everyone seemed reluctant to leave, lingering to talk and explore long after the work was finished.

We look forward to welcoming back this group—and all our dedicated volunteers—in the spring!


(Below) During lunch, Fred Foote explains how the derecho (major thunder storm) took down all the right trees.




(Below) Volunteers take our photographer on a tour of the work completed that day.