Go Gluten-Free the Healthy Way

Optimal health is often the desired aim of eliminating dietary gluten. But, did you know that many gluten-free products are filled with harmful ingredients? We can help you discover how to avoid and replace them with delicious, wholesome alternatives. 

Join us Wednesday, January 28, from 6-8 p.m. for Going Gluten-Free the Healthy Way, and learn healthful solutions for living without gluten. This workshop is led by health coach and chef Jennifer Helene Popken-Leeds with commentary from nutrition research scientist Dr. Chris D’Adamo.

Need a sneak peek into some of the delicious recipes you will be sampling and learning about at this workshop? Apple cinnamon scones, buckwheat pizza crust, high protein pancakes, and pasta made from zucchini and celery root, are just a few.

You can also check out this video preview in which Jennifer reveals what she will discuss at the workshop (rescheduled from November):

During this informative and exciting evening you’ll learn:

How to identify gluten sensitivity
The science behind gluten's impact on health
Five common additives in processed, gluten-free foods to avoid and why
The healthiest grains and grain substitutes to consider
How long it takes to feel the difference of reducing dietary gluten
And much more!

You’ll walk away with a plethora of knowledge about living gluten-free the healthy way. Plus, you’ll enjoy samples of Jennifer's creations, and take home the recipes.

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