Gearing Up for Food Day 2014

It seems like every day is Food Day here at the Institute. Whether we’re getting a healthy cooking demo from staffer Brandin Bowden or planning one of our Mission Thrive programs over lunch, we’re often focused on food. Today, we joined people across the country in gearing up for tomorrow's fourth annual national Food Day

Since 2011, October 24, has seen a nationwide celebration of the year-round movement towards healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. The country is mobilizing to address issues, raise awareness, and inspire community action to improve the American diet and our food system. A campaign of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Day 2013 inspired 4,700 events hosted in all 50 states. This year, the Institute joins the ranks. 


Recognizing that every day is not a food day for far too many people, the Institute staff is contributing healthier food for our neighbors in need.  In honor of Food Day 2014 we're holding a Super Food Drive at our office, donating healthy, non-perishable food to the Maryland Food Bank.

What puts the "super" in Super Food Day? Quality. Often, the “goods” donated to food banks are laden with sodium, fat, sugar, and chemical additives. They may relieve hunger for the day, but they also contribute to a lifetime of chronic disease. We're donating to fill hungry bellies with high-quality, nutritious foods that support long-term health and well-being.

We're excited to participate in a day that celebrates and advocates what we value and are working toward at the Institute every day. The Institute’s classes and community programs address many of Food Day’s priorities.

Our healthy cooking classes and the Spice MyPlate curriculum promote saferhealthier diets. Our newest project, a healthy community cooking class, will also incorporate reducing hunger and improving food access, while Mission Thrive Summer supports sustainable, organic farming.

Join in the Food Day fun! Make a donation to your local food bank, have a healthy potluck with your friends, or take a picture of your healthy meal and share it using #FoodDayPlate.

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