Garlic, Garlic Everywhere
Mission Thrive Summer begins year two

More than 25 Baltimore City high school students started our Mission Thrive Summer program at Real Food Farm this week. Enjoy these highlights:



This morning, two teen crews and their crew leaders are out on the farm harvesting garlic. Standing in a pavilion, one participant tells how:

“You take a digging fork and put it in the ground beside the garlic, then dig it up. You throw it in the wheelbarrow, and then back here, you tie it up with string in bunches of ten.”

He points to the rafters. “Then, we hang it up for four weeks.”


Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the farm’s garlic is in the air. Today’s kitchen crews have learned how to mince and use it in a stir-fry.

Kitchen safety and knife skills are high in the lesson plan, and the importance of coordinated teamwork is clear, as some teens sauté vegetables, others cook rice, and still others scramble eggs.

Everyone’s piece comes together into a vividly colored dish, giving the unmistakable message that we’re eating a nutritious rainbow of foods.

The crews alternate mornings, so farmers get to be cooks, and cooks get to be farmers. And everyone get to eats very well.


To see more pictures, visit Real Food Farm's facebook page. 
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