From Stressful to Soulful
Tips to Transform Your Eating Experience

Source: Rachel Druckenmiller

From our earliest moments of life, food serves as a form of nourishment, love, warmth, safety, pleasure, acceptance and comfort. Unfortunately many of us have moved away from our initial positive relationship with food and eating has become stressful, guilt-ridden, fear-driven and frustrating. 

According to certified culinary nutrition expert Rachel Druckenmiller, MS, when we shift our mindset to view food as fueling, healing, and nourishing rather than a biological nuisance we begin to find pleasure in our meals.

Rachel believes that the way we experience eating can affect the relationship we have with food. Below are a few of her tips for creating a soulful eating experience:

Eat in a relaxing environment

When possible, whether at work or home, make it a habit to eat at a table that is set with a table cloth, place mat, and candles. Relaxing music is a great addition for creating a soulful eating experience. Rachel recommends listening to the relaxation radio station on the Pandora app. 

Eat with non-disposable dishes and utensils

Whether you order take out or prepare a home cooked meal, do your best to eat with non-disposable plates, bowls, and flatware. This will allow you to enjoy both the taste and presentation of your food.

Eat it and own it!

Instead of judging yourself for eating a meal or a snack that isn't the most nourishing for your body you should embrace the moment, enjoy the food, and savor the flavor. 

Go to places that feed your soul

It is important to spend time in places that you enjoy. Try food shopping and dining in establishments that play the music you like, support the cause you are passionate about, and prepare your favorite dishes.

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Photo credit: Laura Toraldo Photography