Flipping the Script on Stuffed Peppers

 stuffed peppers out of the oven.jpg

This delicious recipe (see right column) for Italian chicken & barley stuffed peppers, prepared during our Five Times a Feast class at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, is a healthy, nutrient-rich twist on the classic meat and white rice variety.

prepping stuffed peppers.jpgGarlic, onions, and mushrooms are considered “aromatics.” They add a lot of flavor, and usually go into the pot first.

Poaching chicken--cooking it in simmering liquid--is one of the healthiest ways to prepare it, because it doesn’t add extra fat. In this recipe, we poach it in the barley’s simmering liquid, making it a one-pot meal. This saves on clean-up time.

Here's one of our gems before we popped it in the oven:

stuffed pepper before baking.jpg

To make this a vegetarian recipe, replace the chicken breasts with two cans of low-sodium chickpeas, cannellini beans, navy beans, white beans, or a mixture. This boosts the meal's fiber content and lowers its sodium.

digging in to stuffed peppers.jpg