Five Times a Feast Expands to West Baltimore

The scent of fresh herbs and the smooth sounds of the David Bach Consort lingered in the air at the season opening of the Pigtown Farmers’ Market in Southwest Baltimore on June 2. The Institute for Integrative Health’s community programs team was present, giving a tour to participants of Five Times a Feast, a program of the Institute that empowers community members to prepare healthy meals on a budget.

During a tour of the Pigtown Farmers Market, participants of Five Times a Feast and Institute Community Programs Coordinator Alica Diehl sample raisin pumpernickel bread at the Atwaters food stand.

Launched last year at Amazing Grace Church in East Baltimore, Five Times a Feast kicked off its 2016 season in early May at Gilmor Elementary School in West Batlimore's Sandtown-Winchester community. The eight-week series, which is free to participants, is now also underway at Paul's Place, a community outreach center serving Washington Village/Pigtown and surrounding neighborhoods.


Five Times a Feast participants prepare turkey veggie burgers at Gilmor Elementary School.


On field trips like the one to Pigtown Farmers’ Market, participants of Five Times a Feast learn how to shop for cost-effective, nutritious food items.

Other sessions are dedicated to preparing healthy, budget-friendly recipes. Afterwards, participants enjoy a meal together, and each participant takes home five more servings for the week ahead.

A Five Times a Feast participant prepares ginger turkey meatballs and stir-fry at Gilmor Elementary School.