Brandin Bowden, MS


The Institute for Integrative Health
Senior Community Programs Manager


Brandin Bowden, MS, is Senior Community Programs Manager at the Institute for Integrative Health and in this role oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of the Institute for Integrative Health’s Mission Thrive community programs.
An experienced educator and mentor of adolescents, Mr. Bowden co-designed the curriculum for the Institute’s signature summer program for teens, Mission Thrive Summer. Now in its fourth year, it provides high schools students with a five-week experience in urban farming, cooking, yoga and mindfulness, physical fitness, and job skills development. In addition to managing Mission Thrive Summer, Mr. Bowden performs a hands-on role teaching nutrition and cooking to its participants.
Mr. Bowden also developed the curriculum for the Institute’s Spice My Plate initiative, an experiential spices-and-herbs education program for high school students. Spice My Plate was the focus of a study, to be published in 2015, examining the use of spices and herbs to improve diet quality among adolescents.
Prior to joining the Institute in 2012, Mr. Bowden worked as a health educator, activist, and mentor at Washington Math Science and Technology High School in Washington, DC, where he adapted and executed a national health education program for the school and surrounding community. He created a step-dancing team to encourage physical activity in the absence of a sports program, and developed and implemented an elective course in which students learned fundamentals of nutrition through lab activities based in culinary education.
Mr. Bowden has a strong passion for youth outreach and empowerment through health education. He has a particular interest in nutrition and is heavily influenced by holistic integrative health.
A Gates Millennium Scholar, he received his Master of Science degree in nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2015. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 2010.