Building Bridges, Defining Metrics: The Report


The Institute for Integrative Health produced a report capturing the ideas and strategies shared at Building Bridges, Defining Metrics, its February 2016 forum to envision a new, integrative approach to community-based programs for improving the health of urban and disadvantaged youth.

Discussion Highlights

  • Socioeconomic factors, such as education, access to nutritious food, and crime, must be considered in any comprehensive strategy to improve youth health.
  • Long-term investment in community relationships and across sectors is essential to create sustainable change and impact youth life trajectories.
  • Include and empower youth and other participants in program development and implementation, from needs assessment through to data collection.
  • A broad evaluation lens is needed to capture change in youth health requiring a balance between intuitive observations and qualitative and quantitative measurement data – each informing and validating the other.
  • Developing new tools for measuring well-being in children and adolescents is an on-going challenge that requires innovative cross-sectoral solutions.
  • Communication with policy and other decision makers about what works and how to bring success to scale is essential.

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