Mindfulness at Patterson Partnership


The Institute for Integrative Health teamed up with the Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine, and Patterson High School to conduct one of the most extensive mindfulness initiatives ever undertaken in a U.S. public high school. 

This public-private collaboration, called the Mindfulness at Patterson Partnership (MAPP), established a school-wide mindfulness program and evaluated its impact.

Each school day, from October 2013 through May 2014, students at Patterson High participated in the Mindful Moment, a 15-minute curriculum developed by HLF that blends seated yoga, breathing exercises, and silent reflection.

Complementing the sessions was a dedicated mindfulness room, staffed by HLF, where students who were disruptive at any point in the school day could be referred for a mindful time-out. The room also served as resource for students who wanted to take a quiet break during their lunch period.

MAPP builds on the Institute’s expertise in mindfulness training for adults, its research alliance with the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine, and its relationship with Patterson High, 

Learn More About Mindfulness

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Strong evidence indicates that mindfulness decreases students' levels of chronic stress, which is associated with aggressive behavior, poorer grades, and physical illness.

Mindfulness boosts students' ability to focus, regulate emotions, and control impulses.

These abilities correlate with better grades, fewer suspensions, lower absenteeism, and higher rates of graduation.





“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

-Jon Kabat-Zinn