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A Gluten-Free Demonstation by gfJules

AUDIO. Jules Shepard, also known as gfJules, demonstrated her favorite gluten-free pie crust recipe at the In Good Health Holiday Market & Wellness Expo. Listen to her presentation here.

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Gluten Disorders Expert Packs the House at Holiday Market & Wellness Expo

AUDIO. In his keynote address, Dr. Alessio Fasano shared research that sheds new light on the way we should think about the origins of inflammation and disease. His message: Health is not dictated by genetics. We have more influence than most of us may re…

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Do Gluten-Free Products Deserve their Health Halo?

You may have noticed a new bit of infrastructure at your grocery store: an aisle dedicated to gluten-free foods. The popularity of these products is driven in part by the notion they'll improve one's health or aid weight-loss.

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Go Gluten-Free the Healthy Way

Did you know that many gluten-free products are filled with harmful ingredients? Discover how to avoid them and replace them them with delicious, wholesome alternatives by joining us on Wednesday, January 28, for our workshop, Going Gluten-Free the Health…

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