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Immune System Boosters: Tips From the Experts

A panel of health and wellness experts shared various factors that affect our immune system during our Immune Health Boosters and Busters event. Learn a few of their immune boosting tips

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Dr. Ellen Hughes' 10 Tips for Healthy Living

Scholar Emerita Ellen Hughes, MD, studied how each of us can attain our highest level of well-being at every stage of life. Find out what she learned in her top tips for healthy living and active aging.

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Energy Medicine Yoga Author Visits Baltimore

A programming partner for the 2015 Baltimore Book Festival, the Institute will present Lauren Walker, author of Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice, On Sunday, September 27, she'll lead a yoga class at 10 am, followed by …

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Finding the Fun in Fitness

Many people who find exercise too boring or difficult put off getting in shape until next week, next month, or next year. But often, that “next” turns into never. The fitness training component of our youth summer program aims to change "next" to now …

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Standing Up to the Harms of Sitting

Did you know that sitting is detrimental to your health? It's even being called the new smoking. Learn more about the issue and how Institute staff are trying to combat it.

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Students Become Teachers at Teen-Led Health Expo

As our Mission Thrive Summer program concluded this week, participants shared their new knowledge by organizing a health expo in Baltimore that attracted more than 100 people. A visit from Kentucky YMCA's Y-Corps made for a fun surprise.

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