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Staff Wellness Challenge Update

The final week of our Staff Wellness Challenge brought the focus back to our plates. Our goal was to eat the rainbow—specifically, the rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Each color has its own set of nutrient contributors, so dining on a rainbow produce …

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Expert Tips to Achieve Your Health Resolutions

Health coach and chef Jennifer Helene Popken-Leeds offers guidance for overcoming inertia, boosting your energy, and staying on a healthy path in 2015.

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Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Are you worried about eating unhealthfully this holiday season? Join us on Wednesday, December 10, for our workshop, Healthy Holiday Strategies. You'll learn how to eat and cook for both pleasure and good health.

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Summit Defines Strategy for Certifying Health Coaches

With the rapid expansion of the health coaching profession came wide variability in the quality of services provided. Some coaches had formal health education while others had a coaching background but minimal health care knowledge.

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