Immune Health Boosters and Busters

The impact of nutrition, exercise, stress, and gluten

Wednesday, March 23 • 6-8 pm

If optimizing your health is at the top of your 2016 resolution list, then strengthening your immune system is a great start. Learn how by sitting down with a panel of health and wellness experts as they discuss various factors that affect your immune system’s ability to protect you against threats, such as viruses and bacteria. You’ll discover evidence-based steps you can take to guard and improve the health of you and your loved ones. Panelists will share:

  • Functions of the immune system and the problems you can experience if it’s not functioning properly
  • Which foods, herbs, and nutritional supplements can empower your immune system and help prevent illness
  • The positive influence of exercise on shaping gut and metabolic health, which can help prevent chronic inflammatory diseases
  • The negative impact of stress on your immune system
  • Mindfulness practices and programs that can help reduce stress
  • Practical grocery shopping and food preparation tips that can lead to a stronger immune system
  • Auto-immune diseases and the negative effects gluten can have on immune health
  • How to balance your exercise program based on your current level of immune health

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Chris D’Adamo, PhD, is a nutritional research scientist and director of research at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine. Read more

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Catherine Kelleher, ScD, MPH, MS, RN, is an associate professor at University of Maryland School of Nursing where she is a health services researcher and teaches health policy. Read more

Anne Lee Headshot-Finalround.jpg

Anne Lee, EdD, RDN, LD, is the nutritional services manager for Schar USA. Previously, she was the nutritionist at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University where, she was involved in patient care, and research.  Read more

Jason Bosley-Smith Head Shot_round2.png

Jason Bosley-Smith MS, LDN, CNS, FDN as a clinical, integrative nutritionist, Jason serves as faculty in both the Integrative Health Sciences and Nutrition departments at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Read more


Wednesday, March 23
6 pm: Reception
6:30-8 pm: Panel and Q&A

The Institute for 
Integrative Health
1407 Fleet St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
Parking and directions

Free but seating is limited
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Enjoy complimentary
gluten-free refreshments courtesy of
Dr. Schar


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