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Featuring Jennifer Popken of Helene's Kitchen

Jen_on_blue.jpgWith nutritional researcher Chris D'Adamo, PhD

Chef and health coach Jennifer Popken will introduce ways to prepare delicious, nutrition-packed dishes and offer practical guidance for achieving your health goals. You'll learn from nutritional research scientist Chris D'Adamo how what you eat affects your body.

Bread3_2.jpgWednesday, Jan. 28  •  6—8pm
Going Gluten-Free the Healthy Way

Optimal health is usually the aim of eliminating dietary gluten, yet many gluten-free products are filled with harmful ingredients. You’ll find healthful solutions for living without gluten in this workshop, led by Jennifer Popken with commentary from nutrition research scientist Chris D’Adamo. Find out which gluten-free products and additives to avoid, and discover nourishing, delicious alternatives. 
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Jennifer will demonstrate how to make wholesome, gluten-free versions of some of your favorite foods, reflect on the role grains are serving in your life, and look at healthier options.  In this evening full of fun, you’ll enjoy samples and take home recipes. Register now



The Institute for
Integrative Health
1407 Fleet St.
Baltimore, MD 21231

$40 each
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Workshop leader:
Jennifer Popken of
Helene's Kitchen.
Nutritional commentary by Chris D'Adamo, PhD.
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