Wellness on Stage at the Baltimore Book Festival

Friday, September 25—Sunday, September 27

The Institute is a programming partner for the 20th Baltimore Book Festival. Join us at the Health & Wellness Stage in the Inner Harbor as we present free readings, talks, and demonstrations by these acclaimed authors.



Frederick O. Foote, MD
Medic Against Bomb: A Doctor's Poetry of War

Winner of the 2013 Grayson Books Poetry Prize

Dr. Fred Foote, a retired U.S. Navy physician, will read selections from his award-winning book, accompanied by violinist and Institute COO Wendy Bohdel. Many of Foote's poems were inspired by his time on the hospital ship COMFORT, where military medical personnel cared for mostly Iraqi patients. Other poems emerged from caring for sick and wounded American servicemen and women, and for their families. His book is a moving tribute to them all.


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26    •    11:30 AM

Dr. Richard Jacoby
Sugar Crush: How to Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Nerve Damage, and Reclaim Good Health

Learning the truth about sugar could change your life. We know it's a culprit in weight gain, but we're less familiar with its links to Alzheimer’s, heart disease, MS, cancer, and other diseases. Having treated thousands of patients for nerve damage, Dr. Richard Jacoby set out to understand how sugar is the common denominator of many chronic diseases. In his talk on the Health & Wellness Stage, he'll share key insights and discuss how curbing your sugar intake can dramatically improve and/or cure a variety of medical conditions. We'll have time for Q&A.



Alessio Fasano, MD
Gluten Freedom: The Nation's Leading Expert Offers the Essential Guide to a Healthy, Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Should you go gluten-free? In his talk on the Health & Wellness StageDr. Fasano will distinguish scientific fact from myth, explain the latest research, and discuss treatment and diet recommendations, so you can make the best choices for yourself and your family. He'll offer insight for the newly diagnosed, for those already dealing with gluten-related issues, and for anyone who thinks they may have an issue with gluten. Bring your questions.

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Yoga and Meditation with Lauren Walker and Baltimore Foxette

Join the Institute and Baltimore Foxette for yoga on the lawn near the Health & Wellness Stage. Featured author Lauren Walker will lead 30 minutes of Energy Medicine Yoga.  That will be followed by a 15 minute meditation session led by Michelle Peralta of Baltimore Foxette. We'll provide yoga mats and blankets (as supplies last),

Stay for Lauren's talk at 11 am. Details below.

Lauren Walker


Lauren Walker
Energy Medicine Yoga:
Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice

Lauren Walker adapted the renowned energy medicine techniques pioneered by her own teacher, Donna Eden, so they integrate seamlessly into the movements and postures of yoga practice. "These tools . . . allow you to work smarter, not harder-so you can have a healthy body full of energy, zest, and joy for what life has to offer," she explains. 

Lauren teaches at retreat centers including Kripalu, Omega, and Hollyhock, and at private yoga studios around the world.

Before the talk, at 10 am, please join Lauren for yoga on the lawn next to the Health & Wellness Stage (details above).

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Rob Knight, PhD
Follow Your Gut: The Enormous Impact of Tiny Microbes

Scientists are discovering how the microscopic life within our bodies has an astonishing impact on our lives. "The three pounds of microbes that you carry around with you might be more important than every single gene . . . in your genome,” says Rob Knight in his TED talk. Appearing on the Health & Wellness Stage, this pioneer will explore how our mood, sleep patterns, eating preferences, and more can be traced in part to these microbes. Find out how to learn about your own personal microbiome and what steps to take toward protecting and improving your health. We'll have time for Q&A.

Rob Knight

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27   •   4:30 PM

Michael Miller, MD
Heal Your Heart: The Positive Emotions Prescription to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Most of us know negative emotions are linked to heart attacks. Could positive ones prevent them? Join behavioral cardiologist Dr. Michael Miller—a leader in heart disease prevention—at the Health & Wellness Stage and learn how they improve cardiovascular health and overall well-being. Learn what foods can improve your mood, and discover how listening to music. laughing more often, and spending time with people you care about can do your heart good. Bring your questions.

He'll make his favorite heart-healthy snoothie recipe for the audience to sample.

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